Beware of the “One of the Guys” Girls

Every guy will find themselves attracted to a girl who claims to be “one of the guys” at one point in their adult dating lives.  She’s the kind of girl that plays sports, drinks beer, listens to The Smiths and knows where the origin of the word ‘frack’ came from.  She seems low maintenance and easy going and has no qualms about the use of profanity.  She seems like the perfect woman–but beware.  It is easy to fall for these types of girls but it is difficult to maintain a long-term connection with them as well.

Despite the fact that it is perfectly normal these days for women to have guy friends, it is not normal for a girl to go out of her way to claim only men in her life as “platonic” friends.

Once you date these women, you will soon realize her immaturity and her need for constant attention from the members of the opposite sex.  You will also realize that these type of women who claim to be “one of the guys” also are far more envious and insecure than women who embrace the estrogen flowing in their veins. They tend to think they are also better than other women because they have a gaggle of guy friends who admire them.  Trust me, these women seeking male friends know these men all have secret crushes on them and it’s usually a premeditated move to pursue friendships with them.

You will soon learn that women with only guy friends are not more fun to be around–despite how often they exclaim the opposite.  You also begin to notice the subtle and snide grins of satisfaction when they’re able to get an overly-excited reaction from a man who shares the same passion for Danny McBride.

You will learn the hard way that women with only male friends are actually not low maintenance at all. They are so high maintenance that they need five or more loser guys around them to keep their egos properly stroked.  Does that sound like the fun and laid back type of woman you are seeking?  I didn’t think so.

Do you really want to be the guy who has a girlfriend who has 5 to 8 male shoulders to cry on just in case your relationship doesn’t work out? Again, I didn’t think so.

Although these women are appealing at first, it’s always best to avoid pursuing deep connections with them.  Stick with women who are not afraid of being open about their own interests and who don’t pretend to like things just because other women don’t.  Mature women don’t need to be “one of the guys” to be “one of a kind.”




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